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How do you meet people who are into cosplay? That's the question we asked sometime ago. Sure, you can go to events such as comic con, animeconor any of the many others, but you don't really get the opportunity, unless you have some ultra-smooth one liners, to get the number or to get talking to cosplayers... Let alone the chance to setup a date. We setup for cosplayers to meet other cosplayers and for cosplayers to meet non-cosplayers, but people who are interested in cosplay. In no time Cosplay-Singles has become a community site where our users can search for singles who share the same interests and are looking to date in their area. The community has many features, such as cosplay profiles, Messaging, Chat, Video messages and member pictures. But what's at the core of this is we give you the ability to meet like-minded people to date. Over the years, we have had many cosplayers and non-cosplayers meet and email us a testimonial.
Here is a tiny selection of some...

Jade (harley quinn), 22
I've been in to cosplay for 3 year now and I just want to thank the guys at Cosplay-Singles for making it so easy for me to meet people. Many guys think because my body is painted and lots of guys want their picture taken with me that it must be easy for me to find a guy. Its not. There really isn't any time. My life is cosplay and when I heard about cosplay singles I signed up. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend, I just wanted to play the field a bit with people who were like me. In the time I've been on cosplay singles, I've met a load of really good guys - Thanks!

Liz (hawkgirl), 33
I find it really kinky when I have "fun" in character. I've dated a number of men in the last few months and depending on their personalities, I take them back to mine and dress up accordingly. Not interested in long term relationships but wanted to thank you for making things so easy for me to have "fun".

David (non-cosplayer), 29
Dude, I don't usually go on dating sites, but I've always had a thing for hot women who dress up. When I saw your site, I just had to join. I met the girl of my dreams, and the funny thing is, I actually knew her, I didn't know she was into cosplay though - never would have thought it, its crazy! Cheers and keep up the good work.

Toni (Ghostbuster girl), 26
Surprised so many people who are into cosplay live so close to me! Plenty of men taking me out for drinks... ;)

Sue (Kida), 24
I found my soulmate on the site and couldn't believe how easy it was. He messaged me, then we had a video chat, before long we're talking in person. He isn't a cosplayer but he really loves what I do. Thank you.

James (Jareth, Labyrinth), 30
I travel a lot, going to various events around the world. A relationship wouldn't work for me at the moment. I live eat and sleep cosplay, so having a causal relationship with someone who is interested in cosplay means a lot. I've caught up with many women on the site, in different countries and its been real fun! Cheers guys. J

We've Made Cosplay Dating Easy.

Regardless of what you're looking for; a sexy cosplayer encounter, or a full-blown relationship with someone who shares the same passion for cosplay as you do, you'll find someone at Each month more and more people are joining, it's exhilarating and addictive; you may never go back to traditional dating again. Make sure you make full use of the community. Take time to explore it and remember to keep coming back as members will be uploading new images.